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Roadshow is a way to raise awareness and offer an experience of a brand, as well as convey its message to a wider target audience across an expanded geography. Whether the target audience consists of consumers, distributors or the employees of a company, every roadshow project has to maintain a certain quality and format, regardless of the location and dynamics.

A roadshow is a long-term initiative, and its preparation starts with a briefing and takes months to accomplish. It requires concept creation, rigorous planning, risk analysis, a feasibility study, site inspection, a strong team and logistical tools. Team Marketing Guerilla is proud of its expertise in roadshow events and has organized successful events throughout Turkey since 2004.



Guerilla marketing goes beyond conventional techniques and focuses on access rather than frequency. It catches the attention of the members of its target audience in their everyday environment, including in malls and markets and on the streets. This alternative marketing strategy can be highly effective through the element of surprise, even with a relatively low budget. The primary objectives of guerilla marketing are to stimulate talk about the brand, create an emotional bond between the brand and the consumer and indirectly influence purchasing decisions.

Named after this strategy, Team Guerilla Marketing offers highly enjoyable, distinctive, catchy and effective advertising operations. These are organized at the right place, at the right time and for the right target audience, so that they raise awareness and generate hype about the brand.



Sampling is an effective marketing tool that can be used to generate feedback. By offering sampling at consumer locations like street or a point of sale, not only brand recognition and sales can be improved but also product features such as taste and packaging can be tested. Furthermore, this technique allows customer perceptions of the brand to be evaluated.

As the product is presented to consumers directly, sampling can be considered indispensable in influencing brand perception. When staff are given comprehensive training in areas such as customer management, persuasiveness and sales closing, the consumer can be encouraged to engage with the product in an effective way.

Team Guerilla Marketing, with its creative booth concepts and designs, logistical and communications know-how and experienced sampling teams with superior product knowledge, are powerful brand representatives in the field.



Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events, or “MICE,” involves large-scale tourism events that bring together sizable groups for business or educational purposes. Due to its nature, planning for MICE may start several months in advance, in accordance with the intended location and scale. Turkey is well-positioned for national and international events a result of its geographical location and historical and natural wealth and is able to take advantage of the dynamics of its tourism industry with rich human resources.

Team Guerilla Marketing is an expert MICE solutions partner thanks to our solid structure and attention to detail and our strong network that allows easy access to every part of Turkey. Our experienced and professional employees implement a creative concept development approach that responds effectively to customer goals and needs.



Merchandising is the planned and supervised promotion of goods and services at the point of sale and incorporates location, quantities and appearance. It is a long-running marketing service that requires the continuous monitoring of product sales performance, trends, competitors and campaign stock management, in addition to collaborations with purchasing agents and store managers in related fields.

Merchandising can positively contribute to sales through in-place and on-time interventions such as product inventory; shelf and tag management; efficient monitoring of products, prices, and positioning; and instantaneous data feedback.

Team Guerilla Marketing has served as a capable and reliable partner for a variety of international FMCG brands for many years across Turkey, providing technology, operational know-how, logistical networks and specialized human resource investments.



The purpose of sales support services is to increase brand awareness, visibility, and sales through the promotion of certain products or services at selected retail points, with the help of expert sales support teams.

Team Guerilla Marketing works with a number of global brands in sales support services, offering rewarding solutions by virtue of our ability to determine the optimum locations, routes and timings for campaigns and our supply of experienced staff and training support.